I went to Teshima seeking a peaceful escape from life's ups and downs, wanting to be surrounded by nature and art.

With my film camera, I snapped photos of scenes that would stay in my mind for a long time.

Since last January, I took a break from making clothes and instead filled my life with nature and books.

I thought about things that most people think about at least once, like what I really want and what life means. It felt like a big fake version of myself was swallowing me up. Life felt heavy and serious, wearing me out.

In nature, I find healing. Life is just a short blink in the long quiet—we’re just one part of nature. When I realize that, I can relax.

Everything is beautiful—the pigeons sleeping in the park, the turtles calmly swimming in the water, the smells carried by the air and wind, and the petals of flowers floating around….

The inspiration for this season's collection came from all those things—architecture blending with nature, Monet's lovely paintings, hills in the sunlight. They inspired me to create each piece of clothing.

"Land top" especially captured the Teshima I’ve got inspired from. I hope that by seeing this collection, we can share peace and nature together.